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Maintenance Package:

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly


Maintenance Package:

Optimize Your Website Performance


Maintenance Package:

Comprehensive Website Care

  • Regular software updates (plugins, themes, etc.)

  • Security monitoring and malware scans

  • Website backups (weekly)

  • Content updates (up to 2 hours per month)

  • Technical support (email only)

  • Monthly performance reports

  • Priority software updates and patching

  • Enhanced security measures (firewall configuration, security audits)

  • Website backups (daily)

  • Content updates (up to 4 hours per month)

  • Priority technical support (email and phone)

  • Quarterly performance audits and optimisation

  • Continuous monitoring and proactive issue resolution

  • Advanced security measures (DDoS protection, malware removal)

  • Website backups (hourly)

  • Unlimited content updates and revisions

  • 24/7 priority technical support (email, phone, live chat)

  • Custom performance optimization and scalability planning

  • Monthly strategy sessions and performance reviews

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